SIEMENS 8WH90401CB07 Plug-in coupling right element can be assembled by the user

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SIEMENS 8WH90401CB07;Plug-in coupling right element can be assembled by the user with spring-load...;Plug-in coupling right element can be assembled by the user

with spring-loaded connection Cross-section: 0.08-2.5 mm2 Width: 5.2mm

Color: green-yellow Terminal block connection technology for various industrial applications and modern building installation from Siemens. Regardless of whether you decide on the screw-type

push-in or quick connection: All of the connection technologies can be freely combined. The labeling and test accessories are standardized and can be used interchangeably. Many applications can be implemented in industry
functional and residential buildings with the terminal blocks from SIEMENS. This gives you access to the right connection technology for every connection system. Key features of the Siemens row terminals: 1. Permanently safe contact. 2. Easy to disconnect connection of electrical connections such as cables and wires. 3. Implementation of a large number of applications. 4. User-friendly and easy installation and connection technology. 5. Comprehensive and standardized accessories. 6. Reliable safety during installation with standard touch protection. 7. Optimized technology for your safety – only from Siemens. &DPMD_ACC602_001_000_1001654&;Component plug terminal block;EF000003;0.0

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