Touchpoint Plus: A New Era for Gas Detection

After several decades of market dominance, Honeywell has launched a replacement for the System 57 Fire and Gas controller. The Touchpoint Plus modular gas control panel is the new phase of Honeywell Industrial gas detection system. It is an easy to configure, wall mounted control system that supports up to sixteen channels of gas detection.


It is an easy to configure, wall-mounted control system that supports up to sixteen channels of gas detection. Its modular architecture also enables customization for specific applications. The intuitive user-friendly interface and modular approach allows full control and configuration for a wide range of applications. Designed to work across multiple industries, the Touchpoint Plus (TPPL) controller perfectly replaces existing installations of System 57. Since the without the need to replace cabling.

Recently, GIL Automations deployed the Touchpoint Plus system at a major LPG Facility in Lagos, Nigeria as a replacement for the existing System 57. These days a major challenge experienced by customers who have the old System 57 panel in their facilities is the
obsolescence of spare parts. This often results in extended downtime whenever a critical part becomes faulty. For this customer, the story was the same; the old panel caused endless disruptions to their operations. This frequent downtime led to consequential financial loss! In
order to resolve this, GIL Automations proposed the Touchpoint Plus to replace the faulty system.

From procurement to onsite installation and integration, GIL Automation displayed high level of professionalism in ensuring that the upgrade did. One of the advantages of migrating to the TPPL is that the existing field cabling can be re-used. This helps to save cost that could have resulted from the replacement of cables. Another improvement offered by this system is the touchscreen, liquid crystal display (LCD) interface that allows real time monitoring of gas readings and events monitoring. The controller works with Honeywell range of industry leading gas detectors, audible and visual alarms to provide a complete end-to-end, highly configurable safety solution. Thinking of replacing your existing System 57 controller? Honeywell Touchpoint Plus is your best Option.