About Our Company

GIL Automation is a leading provider of industrial products, systems and services related to instrumentation, measurement and control, safety, electrical installations, automation, and mechanical systems. We partner with our customers to provide systems that work through provision of quality products, value added services and technical solutions based on customer requirements.

Our teams are structured into five divisions namely:

  • Electrical and Automation systems. (EAS)
  • Fire and Safety Systems. (FSS)
  • Valves and Measurement System. (VMS)
  • Rotating Equipment & Mechanical Systems. (REM)
  • GIL Training Institute.
About Us

Product Groups

Electrical And Automation Systems

GIL Automations is an ISO 9001 certified local manufacturer of Low Voltage Electrical Products in line with international standards. We adhere to form I,II, III, IV standards, with the option of type-tested panels to IEC 60439 and IEC 61439 standards.

Our expert electrical and automation team supports you from initial design to final setup. With extensive experience in process instrumentation, we deliver reliable solutions to measure, monitor, and control any process. Backed by top manufacturers, we ensure unparalleled quality and professionalism in meeting your needs. Partner with us for exceptional instrumentation and automation services.

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Rotating Equipments and Mechanical Systems

At GIL Automation, we provide tailored air compressor, blower, and vacuum solutions for various industries. Our expert engineers and installers ensure precise customization to meet your specific needs. We also offer comprehensive maintenance services to keep your equipment running smoothly, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. Our commitment to reliability and efficiency sets us apart. Partner with us to experience our exceptional engineering, installation, and maintenance services.

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Fire and Safety Systems

GIL provide critical Fire and Gas Detection engineered solutions to industrial clients. We supply, install, commission, and provide maintenance services for portable and fixed gas detection systems.

From emergency shutdown systems to triple redundant systems, we provide solutions that protect our clients' most critical assets.

Our 24/7 operational refill, well equipped laboratory, license design and analysis software making us an efficient one-stop firm for all your safety needs.

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Valves and Measurement Systems

Valves and Measurement Systems (VMS) is one of the divisions at GIL Automation charged with the responsibility of providing industrial products and solutions related to Instrumentation, Measurement and Control systems with our main instrumentation lab in Port Harcourt.

We offer calibration services that meet the standard ISO17025 requirements. We are in partnership with OEMs who support us with products, solution and services; some of the OEMs include Honeywell, Siemen, Faure Herman etc.

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