GIL provides primary and secondary calibration services for pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic instruments. Our calibration procedures are in line with ISO17025 requirements.
We are certified by local standard boards and we provide primary metering systems for proving meters and for calibrating measurement devices.
GIL Automation offers on-site and in-house flow meter calibration for a wide range of petroleum-based products, up to 5000 liters per minute. Our truck-mounted volumetric proving vessels are available for on-site flow meter calibration of light petroleum products and some chemicals. All proving vessels are traceable to NIST and re-certified yearly. Calibrations are performed according to NIST Handbook 44 guidelines
In conjunction with our technical partners,

GIL provides and support skid solutions such as:
⦁ Metering skids
⦁ Wellhead control panel
⦁ Hydraulic Power Units
⦁ Dosing Systems
⦁ LACT units
⦁ Gas Analyzer shelters
⦁ Meter Provers
⦁ ESD Skids
Gil has provided flow meter calibration services for the various clients listed below
⦁ Nestle Nigerian PLC
⦁ UNICEM Nigeria
⦁ Shell Nigeria
⦁ Guinness Nigeria

⦁ Exxon Mobil

Below are 5000 liter Prover tank and a complete metering skid


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