GIL Automation helps plant managers and maintenance departments identify all the process instrument and analyzer measurement devices in the plant, determine maintenance and calibration procedures for each device, keep the devices and processes running at peak efficiency, and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

This service usually begins with a plant audit by a GIL Measurement & Instrument Engineer who, with the help of plant maintenance personnel, locates and identifies every measurement device and gathers relevant data such as serial number, tag, manufacturer, location, age, process conditions, and what each instrument is measuring (pressure, temperature, flow, pH, etc.).

Next, working with respective OEM, GIL identified life expectancy of the unit and recommend lifecycle support strategy. Based on the install base audit, GIL presents an overview of the installed base and makes overall recommendations for improving maintenance activities, such as preventive and corrective maintenance, standardization of measurement device, and migration of the installed base to newer and improved devices.

Thereafter, GIL also provides local stock of frequently used items based on criticality. Below are the typical deliverables of our Install Base Audit service

  1. Actual as-built documentation for existing facilities
  2. Recommended Calibration schedule for all instruments on site
  3. Local Stock of critical spares
  4. Provide Instrument Failure analysis and recommended retrofits
  5. Provide recommended Turnaround Instrument Planning
  6. Implementation of needed retrofits/upgrades
  7. Recommend relevant instrument training based on install base audit.

The Installed Base Audit simplifies measurement device maintenance, helps a plant conform to various regulations and safety requirements, and reduces its Total Cost of Ownership.

Please contact us today for multivendor install base audit. We look forward to serving you.