The Electrical Systems sub-division of the EAS division in GIL Automation is a pivotal branch of the Division. We can simply be described as the back-bone and the towers lot of strength.
Electrical Systems sub-division forms more than 40% of the divisions’ total revenue. We exist to apply all Electrical technical solutions to human challenges in our fields of endeavor towards an efficient and safe world; and In line with our company`s vision, we are poised to be our clients best partner in providing systems that work! Some of the Top class Services we offer are listed below:

Power Systems Studies : At GIL Automation, we analyze electrical systems to identify equipment applications that create electrical hazards. We identify the hazard levels and reduce the hazards, where possible. Our primary engineering studies include protective device coordination, short circuit analysis, load flow studies, transient motor starting analysis and arc flash hazard analysis. Other deliverables might include MTOs, EMI, Ground grid system, Cable Pulling etc. We work with utilities, industrial and manufacturing plants, government and commercial facilities. We use IEEE standards, IEC standards, BS standards, the National Electrical Safety Code, and the Ralph Lee papers for engineering calculations.