We understand applications; offer our capability to provide solutions with alternatives. It is simple; we apply our knowledge, skills and experience. Our service provides a wide range of predictive and corrective maintenance activities.
Our Products and services include the following;


⦁ Preliminary site survey
⦁ Installation and commissioning
⦁ adaptation on valve, installation, set-up,
⦁ start-up
⦁ Maintenance and repair
⦁ Spare and wear parts


⦁ Solenoid valves
⦁ Ball valves
⦁ Check valves
⦁ Gate valves
⦁ Choke valves
⦁ Control valves
⦁ Subsea valves & actuators
⦁ Onshore & offshore topside valves
⦁ Well Head Control Panel
⦁ Cylinders
⦁ Part-turn actuators
⦁ Multi-turn actuators