GIL Automation in conjuction with her partners provide software licensing, deployment and support for leading advanced software solutions. These award-winning advanced software portfolio and consulting services help users make sense of all the data in their plant(s). These solutions allow users to make faster and smarter decisions to improve safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability.Some of these software includes:


  1. Alarm and Operations Management Softwares
  2. OPC industrial connectivity software
  3. Process Historian
  4. Process Design and Simulation softwares, including 2D and 3D modelling
  5. Enterprise Collaboration Softwares
  6. Production management softwares
  7. Advanced Control Optimization and modelling softwares

GIL actively promotes, supports and provide adequate training for these solutions to numerous customers.

Please contact us today for one-to-one test-drive of these software solutions.