Gil Automation offers motor rewinding services for electric motors of all sizes in Nigeria. We’re an industry-leading partner, focused on getting your motor back up and running so your operations can minimize downtime and get back to profitability.

We always ensure that your rewound motor is brought back up to OEM standards and efficiency requirements as a competent service provider. Giving you the best rewinding service for electric motors begins with a thorough examination to see whether your motor has any issues that you were unaware of during submission.

If we find anything, we'll contact you right away with an updated quote and details about our concern. Before any work is done, you must give us your consent so that we can both agree on the final cost.

Our motor rewinding services adhere to a specific procedure in order to enhance speed and efficiency while reducing any danger to core integrity. The following are some of the most important aspects of our procedure:

  • The windings are stripped with care, yet the core's strength and structure are preserved.
  • Windings are then tested electronically
  • To complete the rewind, varnish machines are used to treat the stator and armature.
  • Copper and insulation are used in the rewind process.


Electric Motor Rewinding

 What are electric motor rewinding and electric motor rebuilding services and why do you need them? Rewinding is the process that we sometimes use as a way to repair shorted, grounded or damaged motor coils. When we perform our DC motor rewinding service for your motor, we can then return the rewound coil and reinstall it with rebuilt armatures or other components as needed to get your motor functioning properly again.

Our Motor Rewinding Process


There are numerous stages we take while doing electric motor rewinding services:

Record Pertinent Data:

We start by recording all the necessary data that is needed to rewind the motor, including the number of slots, number of coil turns, pitch and necessary wire size for making coils to rewind the motor.

Remove Faulty Windings: 

It's time to remove the problematic windings once we've recorded all of the relevant information and entered it into our database. After removing the problematic windings, we must clean the motor of any remaining varnish, insulation, or impurities before rewinding it. Use the links at the top of this page to contact us or for a free quotation for our electric motor machining and rewinding services. A media blaster is a piece of equipment that effectively removes trash and particles without hurting the motor.

Steam Clean the Stator and Paint With Insulation Paint: 

 After this, we steam clean the stator and all the other parts of the motor to make sure they are free of contaminants. Once it is all clean, we paint inside the stator with insulation paint. We then install liner insulation in the stator slots so that the coils do not make contact with the core.

Create new coils and place them in the stator slots:electric motor rewinding service

It's time to start making fresh coils. The sort of winding head we use to wind the motor will be determined by the motor's type. The person who is in charge of winding While the winding process is in progress, a technician cleans the interior of the electric motor and inspects the wire for any faults. After the coils have been made, place them in the corresponding stator slots. We apply wedging once the coils are in place to insulate and preserve the coil.

Lace it up:

The next phase will be to add lacing for more support. Finally, new motor leads are connected and a complete quality test is performed. A dielectric test verifies the windings' integrity and quality. The engine is then heated in an oven before being dipped in varnish. The varnish adheres to the windings and keeps the coils from shifting. It also serves as a means of preventing contamination of the windings. 

Cure the motor and put it to the test:

The final step is to cure the motor and retest it to ensure that it is operating ideally and as planned. 

While this may appear to be a time-consuming and difficult operation, it is nearly automatic for our Gil Automation repair professionals. Our specialists have winded many motors and are well-versed in the procedure. When you call Gil Automation for motor rewind and repair services, you can be certain that you will receive a high-quality motor that performs almost as well as new at the conclusion of the process.

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