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Fluke  80PK-1 Bead Probe (Type K)
Fluke  80PK-EXT Extension Wire Kit (Type K)
Fluke  8845A-TPIT Test Probe IC Tip Set
Fluke  884X-1G USBmemory 1 GB
Fluke  884X-CASE Hard Case (8845A/8846A)
Fluke  884X-RTD 100 OHM RTD Temperature Probe
Fluke  884X-SHORT 4-wire short
Fluke  884X-USB USB to RS232 Cable Adapter
Fluke  AUTO200B Auto Code Label
Fluke  BC500 AC Power Charger
Fluke  BDST3 Snap Tag (cable tie)
Fluke  BE345 Battery Eliminator (Fluke 345)

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