Fluke PRV240FS Proving unit, T6/NCV

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Product overview: Fluke PRV240FS Proving Unit

Designed for safety and compliance

Verify your test tool without unnecessary exposure to shock and arc flash. Using the PRV240FS reduces the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) when a known voltage source is not available for verification of your tester or multimeter before tests are performed*.  Additionally, the PRV240FS also provides ac and dc voltages for other HiZ instruments in your tool box.

A single switch and a set of LEDs indicate functionality of both the FieldSense “no-test-lead” voltage measurement capability, plus standard ac and dc measurements with test leads. This unit is a simple-to-use solution for complying with TBT verification of your test tools.

*PPE is still needed for absence of voltage testing when appropriate.

“Test Before Touch”

Fluke’s PRV240FS allows you to “Test Before Touch” (TBT), which involves testing your T6 against a known live source before and after the actual measurement. This sequence verifies that your test tool is operating properly during the actual measurement.



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