Fluke 750P31 Pressure Module (0 - 700 bar)

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Product overview: Fluke 750P Series Pressure Modules

Fluke 750P Series Pressure Modules will turn your Fluke multifunction calibrator into a full-fledged pressure calibrator. These flexible modules not only work with multifunction calibrators like the 725, 726 or 750 Series Calibrators but also extend the measurement range of Fluke pressure calibrators. Since the pressure modules are calibrated independently, they can be swapped from one calibrator to another without a loss of accuracy or traceability.

Measuring pressure with Fluke 750P Series Pressure modules is as easy as connecting the module to a pressure source or hand pump, connecting the pressure module cable to the calibrator and then applying pressure from the pressure source. At the touch of a button the measured pressure is displayed digitally on the calibrator in up to 11 different engineering units quickly giving you the data you need. And, with “no tools required” connectors you don’t even need to reach for a wrench to make connections.

When used with the 750 Series Documenting Process Calibrators pressure readings can even be date/time stamped and stored in documented calibration records for later retrieval. This saves time, eliminates errors, and supports compliance with quality standards and regulations.

A complete family of pressure modules

With over 50 pressure modules covering pressure calibration and measurement workloads from 1 inH20 to 10,000 psi (2.5 mbar to 690 bar) finding a model to meet the needs of your specific application is easier than ever. All modules include NPT, metric (BSP) and M20 adapters.

Choose from:

  • Differential modules
  • Gage modules
  • High pressure modules
  • Absolute modules
  • Vacuum modules
  • Dual range modules
  • Reference modules
  • Intrinsically safe modules

With more than 50 pressure modules to choose from, some of the more popular modules include:

  • Fluke 750P00
  • Fluke 750P02
  • Fluke 750PD2
  • Fluke 750P03
  • Fluke 750P05
  • Fluke 750P06
  • Fluke 750P29

Click the Models tab above for a full list of pressure modules.

Designed to go where you work

Pressure instruments are often installed in harsh, hard to reach locations, so you need test tools that handle rough service. 750P Series Pressure Modules feature a rugged protective boot that guards the module against shock and seals against dirt and dust, if you accidently drop them, there’s no need to worry. The 750P series modules are also specified across a broad temperature range. Though more accurate across a narrower temperature range if used indoors, these modules are designed and specified to deliver traceable pressure measurements in environments from -10 °C to +50 °C.

Specifications: Fluke 750P Series Pressure Modules

High Pressure Module Specifications
Model Parameter / range Burst rating6 Hi side media2 Lo side media2
750P29 0 to 3000 psi (0 to 200 bar) 3X 316 SS N/A
750P30 0 to 5000 psi (0 to 340 bar) 3X 316 SS N/A
750P31 0 to 10000 psi (0 to 700 bar) 2X 316 SS N/A
Model Reference uncertainty4 Total uncertainty
Total uncertainty
Total uncertainty
Total uncertainty
750P29 ±0.0175% ±0.035% ±0.045% ±0.03% ±0.04%
750P30 ±0.0175% ±0.035% ±0.045% ±0.03% ±0.04%
750P31 ±0.0175% ±0.035% ±0.045% ±0.03% ±0.04%

1. Total uncertainty, % of full span for temperature range 0°C to +50°C, one year interval. Total uncertainty, 1.0% of full span for temperature range -10°C to 0°C, one year interval. No 6 month specification available for range -10°C to 0°C. 
2. “Non-corrosive gasses” indicates Dry air or non-corrosive gas as compatible media. “Stainless Steel 316-SS” indicates media compatible with Type 316 Stainless Steel. 
3. Specifications % of Full Span unless otherwise noted. 
4. Reference Uncertainty is the specification for as left data for 24 hours. 
5. When reference class modules are used with fixed resolution products (717, 718, 719 series, 725 and 726) calibrators add ±1 count to the overall accuracy specification. 
6. Burst rating specification refers to the multiplier times full scale of the module for the rated burst pressure. 
7. Intrinsically Safe pressure module available in this pressure range.

Key features

  • A complete family of precision pressure modules
  • Covers workloads from 1 inH20 to 10,000 psi (2.5 mbar to 690 bar)
  • 8 intrinsically safe models for use with Fluke 718EX or 725EX
  • Reduce errors by digitally sending measurements to calibrators
  • Precision measurements with reference uncertainties up to 0.01%

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