Fluke 943121 (Replacement for P/N: 203411)

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Product overview: Fluke 440mA 1000V Fuse

Models P/N 203403
11A 1000 V
P/N 203411
440 mA 1000V
P/N 2279229
315 mA 1000V
P/N 4016494
440 mA fuse assembly
107, 115, 117, 233      
175, 177, 179, 83V
87V, 287, 289. 27II,
28II, 88V, 77IV, 87V MAX
3000 FC, 1577, 1587 FC
BT508, BT510, BT521
787, 787B, 789   ● qty 2    
1503, 1507      
28II Ex    

When an electrical short occurs while making a current measurement, the user relies upon the high-energy fuse in the test tool for protection. This 440 mA, 1000 V fuse is designed to keep the energy generated within the fuse enclosure, protecting the user from electric shock and burns. This fuse limits the length of time energy is applied and the amount of oxygen available for combustion.

The Fluke 440 mA 1000 V high-energy fuse is sand-filled which helps absorb the shock energy created by the current overload. It also controls the potential high temperatures generated (up to 10,000 °F). The energy created from an electrical short will melt the sand, turning it to glass. This helps smother a potential fireball by quickly cutting off the available oxygen, further protecting the user.

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