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Fluke SM100, SM200 and SM300 Electrical Socket Testers Voluntary Recall

Dear Fluke Customer:

Fluke Corporation has identified a safety issue concerning the Fluke SM100, SM200 and SM300 Electrical Socket Testers. As a precautionary measure, Fluke has decided to voluntarily recall all of these products and provide affected customers with free replacement products.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you, but we hope that you'll understand that consumer safety is our utmost priority.

The following models are being voluntarily recalled:

Model Name Description Fluke Part number
FLUKE-SM100 Socket Master Tester 2406958
FLK-STU-KIT Fluke Student Kit 4918301
ROBIN-SM100 Socket Master 2072250
ROBIN-SM200 Socket Master Plus 2072261
FLUKE-SM200 Socket Master Plus 2406964
ROBIN-SM300 Socket Master Tester 2072277
FLUKE-SM300 Socket Master Advanced 2406973

Description of the problem

The primary function of the SM100, SM200, and SM300 Socket Testers is to detect the presence of an open ground in a socket outlet. Socket outlets are often installed in metal boxes and have exposed metal parts connected to the earth pin of the socket.

If the Socket Tester detects a missing earth condition, shown on the tester as ○○, the internal circuitry will source a voltage from the phase conductor onto the earth pin of the socket outlet, as well as any metal parts connected to the earth pin of the socket.

Such a condition can result in an electric shock to the user. The current level is probably not life threatening in most cases but could be painful and may be sufficient to knock a person down or off a ladder.


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