Fluke T6-1000/EU Electrical Tester with FieldSense™, round




The T6-1000/EU from Fluke is an EU electrical tester. It measure voltage up to 1000V ac through the open fork, without test lead contact to live voltage. Without opening covers or removing wire nuts. On wires up to AWG 4/0 (120mm²), carrying as much as 200A. It will change user job safer, faster and easier. The voltage measurement requires capacitive path to ground, provided through user in most applications. Ground connection via test lead may be required in some situations. It features FieldSense technology for ac voltage, current and frequency measurement without making electrical contact to live voltage, simultaneous voltage and current display, shows all power supply measurements at a glance for efficient trouble shooting.

  • 1 to 1000V AC or DC, 0.1 to 200A AC, resistance 1ohm to 100Kohm
  • Frequency measurement 45Hz to 66Hz
  • Simultaneous V/ I display, shows power supply measurements at glance for efficient trouble shooting
  • HOLD button temporarily freezes the reading for easy viewing
  • Accepts optional Fluke TPAK magnetic meter hanger for convenient operation
  • 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV safety standards, IEC/EN 61010-1 pollution degree 2
  • Easy to read display with backlight, 1 year calibration cycle
  • Operating temperature range from -10°C to +50°C
  • 2 x AA (IEC LR6); 360 hours continuous, typical; 200 hours using FieldSense battery type and life
  • Dimensions of 61.1mm x 259.3mm x 43.8mm, weight of 0.35Kg (0.78lb)

Voltage Measuring Range AC: 1kV

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